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From Dusk Till Dawn The Series Fanfiction Seth x Richie Geckocest

Chapter 3
Richie could feel the throb of his bullet wound as he tried to sleep, he gave up trying and opened his eyes. Everything was blurry, maybe a little more than usual. He reached over to the bedside cabinet and found his glasses. He put them on and looked over at the other bed, Seth was still asleep. Richie looked down at his shoulder, the bandage Seth had put on was wet and blood was seeping through. Richie sat up and swung his legs down the side of the bed, his hair falling down both sides of his face. He was still wearing his shirt half way down his torso and his suit trousers, he pulled his shirt off and threw it aside. He spotted the rest of the bandages on the floor and decided to try and re-dress his wound. He leant down to get the bandages, screwing his face up in pain as he did, but not making a sound. Richie slowly unwound the bandages that went around his shoulder and under his arm, revealing a very red, angry looking and roughly stitched up wound. He tried to wipe as much blood off from around it as he could before trying to wrap some more bandages around himself.
“Hey, Richie.” Seth said sitting up in bed and rubbing his eyes. “I’ll do that.” He said and pulled his blanket off of him, revealing some tight black boxer shorts. He knelt on the floor again by Richie’s feet and took over re-dressing Richie’s wound. “There.” Seth said and patted Richie’s knee as he got up off the floor. “How’s it feeling?” He asked as he walked off into the kitchen area of the motel room.
Richie looked around suddenly, wondering where the voice had come from that said his name. “Uh, did you hear that?” He said standing up and looking at his brother who was standing in his underwear drinking some water. Seth looked at Richie confused.
“What?” He asked Richie with a shrug. Richie didn’t answer but continued to look around the room for something. “What’s wrong?”
“I heard something... someone.” Richie said but gave up looking and got himself some water too. Seth was still looking at Richie, waiting for him to elaborate. “Obviously it was nothing.” Richie said, looking over his glasses to Seth. Seth eyed Richie suspiciously and then went to take a shower. Richie heard the shower turn on as he walked back over to his bed, he noticed Seth hadn’t closed the bathroom door fully. Richie stood still and turned his head sideways to look inside, he could see the silhouette of Seth’s body behind the white shower curtain. Richie stood there, staring, then he ran his hands through his hair and turned on the TV. Richie sat on the edge of his bed watching some cartoons and Seth came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. Richie looked out the corner of his eye at Seth’s bare chest, he could see some drips still falling down his skin. Seth was darker than Richie, but Richie liked the way he could see the shadows of Seth’s muscles.
Richie slowly turned around to face where he thought that voice was coming from to see nothing again. Seth noticed Richie looking around and walked up to him looking confused.
“What’s going on, Richard?” Seth said sternly, but all Richie could think of now was Seth’s bare, still wet, torso very near his face. Richie shook his head quickly and looked up to meet Seth’s eyes.
“I don’t know.” Richie said still looking up to his brother. “I swear I can hear someone...” He said looking down, he pushed his fingers under his glasses and rubbed his eyes. Seth watched his little brother and then leant down slightly to meet his level.
“Maybe it’s where you are recovering.” Seth said with a little smile at one side of his mouth, he always knew how to calm Richie down. He has had a lot of practice recently as Richie’s temper has been getting worse and he flips out easily sometimes. “I’ll go get us some breakfast, yeah? How about a Big Kahuna Burger?” Seth said patting Richie’s shoulder in that way he always does, and Richie can’t resist but smile at his brother and nod. “Alright!” Seth said happily, his eyes slightly creasing at the edges from smiling. He went into the bathroom to get dressed, not without Richie trying to look inside as he did. Seth came out in his trademark dark blue suit and boy did he look good. Richie watched as he left the motel and he thought he had better get dressed too.

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Realisation - a male pregnancy supernatural story

Title: Realisation
Paring: Dean/Sam. BottomSam
Rating: M for mainly sex
Summary: Dean's going to hell in a month. Dad's just died, Sam feels lost and Dean doesn't talk about it. Sam is angst, Dean is angry. From chap7 Dean goes to hell.Chap9&10 kinda self harm. Warning: Lots of Dean/Sam slash and wincest. BottomSam. M-preg. Male pregnancy Sam. 

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Frost and Front Steps -HarryxRon m-preg story-

Name: Frost and front steps 
R - sexual content, swearing
Summary: Ron blows it with Hermione and Harry comforts him, they end up kissing and Ron realises his heart was for Harry. Contains lots of different fluff and slash scenes. M-pregnancy Ron

This is a very long story by the way! 30 chapters. 

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BlueBells - Frodo/Sam Fanfiction (Lord Of The Rings)

Author:  [info]



Title: BlueBells
Pairings: Frodo/Sam
Rating: M - sexual content.
Summary: Frodo and Sam get drunk and kiss but Sam is too shy, they fall asleep together. They will realise their feelings for each other...
Disclaimer: I dont own anything. 

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Lips For Biting: A HarryxRon Fanfic

Author: Me
Title: Lips For Biting
Pairing: Harry x Ron but it does have DracoxRon
Rating: Mature
Warnings: slash, light sexual abuse, self harm.
Summary: Harry and Ron get drunk and kiss and Harry says it was a drunken mistake, Ron gets corned by Draco and abused, Ron get's quite depressed and self harms. Harry spots Draco and Ron kissing, They make up in the rain and then make up sex.

This song was sort of inspired by the song "Dance Inside" By the All American Rejects.
"you don't have to move, you don't have to speak
lips for biting.
you're staring me down, a glance makes me weak
eyes for striking
now i'm twisting up when i'm twisted with you
brush so lightly
and time trickles down, and i'm breathing for two
squeeze so tightly.
i'll be fine, you'll be fine.
this moment seems so long
don't waste now, precious time
we'll dance inside the song" Is the first chorus and my favourite.

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